I spent four years learning drawing, multi-dimensional art,  and experimenting with multi-media. Yet, it wasn’t until my children were born and I embraced my literary self once more that I went back to my roots – pen and pencil, charcoal, conte, kneaded eraser. I still love multi-media and use it everyday in the creation of my swag and in many trials with materials and themes, but there is just something about the feel of creating an image from the extension of the utensil in your hand.

I am inspired by so many things – visceral textures, beautiful landscapes, and music. Materials that just tug at my imagination. I’m often inspired by reminiscences of the human form, or of the processes within (a byproduct of four years earning my Fine Art degree and so many figure drawing classes).

One of my earlier pieces (below), where tape could become the canvas, as much as a medium.

Piazza, Rebecca. Architecture. 2005. Ink and pen on woven hockey tape, 15 x 10″.

The following are my newest pieces, inspired by text. Some are commissions, others were just for my own enjoyment. Enjoy.

Piazza, Rebecca. Why?. Pencil and charcoal on tracing paper. 2018.

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